Meet the 4-Players of Colorado

2018 4-Players

What Are We About?

Exploring Trails

Each spring, we select trails throughout Colorado to explore. We choose various levels of trail difficulty and elevations based on anticipated snow melt. Our activity list is published around April of each year. An experienced member is designated as Run Leader for each outing to ensure safety and proper navigation. We meet at a central spot near the trailhead area since members come from many different directions. Each trail presents different views, obstacles, and challenges to overcome in our rigs, but we always adhere to the principles of Stay The Trail and safe off-roading. For day runs, we typically stop for photography and breath-taking lunch spots. Runs often conclude at a local shop, cafe, or ice cream pallor. When we camp, we typically explore several trails in the area.


Late 80's 4-PlayersThe club was founded in 1986 as a social organization for gay men in a time when non-bar activities were sought after during the uptick of the AIDS crisis. Since then, we've opened our doors to all LGBTQI+ community members. Fundraising for LGBTQI+ health organizations has always been central to the member’s activities since day one. We continue this tradition by hosting several beer busts at Trade bar each year. Each holiday season, members nominate and select local charities to receive monies from our fundraising efforts. Recently, we’ve donated to several charities including Denver Colorado AIDS Project, Howard Dental, Horizon House, CORSAR, and several area food banks. We expect our members to actively participate in fundraising and charitable efforts.


It's a great feeling to share a campfire with other club members after a day on the trail. A fellowship that shares your enjoyment in the outdoors and 4x4ing is something to be experienced within our unique sub-culture of the LGBTQ community. Our campouts are selected each year to fall over one of the major holiday weekends, with more added during the peak high-elevation outdoor season. We typically visit Moab Utah near the end of September for their Pride and a full weekend of fun. Campouts are sometimes scheduled to join with a local gay RV group; many members of the 4-Players belong to that group as well. Campouts with us typically are tent-based and each person comes self-sufficient. We follow ‘Leave No Trace’ rules.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.